Italy – Lucca

10 – 14 July 2018

Summer Music Festival, Tuscan Countryside and Gelato


Lucca was a surprise. We took a train from Levanto and enjoyed gorgeous mountainous scenery (who knew) and the Tuscan countryside along the way. We stayed in a 500 year old apartment in the heart of the medieval city walls and it was perfect.
To our delight we arrived in the middle of the summer music festival. We managed to sit outside the main arena listening to the headline act Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) who played on the city wall, quite convenient for his tour ‘The Wall’. We then booked a table for dinner just outside the smaller stage listening to the Gorrillaz. Wow how cool is that, and totally unplanned.


A few highlights

Hiring bikes and cycling to Pisa and back. The route took us along the Serchio River where we passed through small villages, local vineyards and olive trees as well as old marble quarries. It was good to cycle around Pisa and see there was more to the town than just the leaning tower. We had lunch in a cafe near the river and met an Aussie couple.

We booked ourselves onto a music walking tour and discovered how many classical musicians and composers were born in or lived in Lucca. Puccini is the most famous of course. We even heard a few opera singers practicing which was quite special. I think we will definitely enjoy listening to more classical music when we get home.

Just hanging out in Lucca, checking out museums, cathedrals, the city wall with all its caverns and tunnels,  *drinking coffee and eating gelato. So much gelato!

My daily run on the medieval city walls – a 4km route and the perfect way to join the locals in their morning routine.

We watched two *World Cup Football games at a restaurant in Piazza dell’Anfiteatro. This was really festive and the food was amazing. The Piazza was also really beautiful, Bellissimo!


While we were in Lucca my family was enjoying their annual holiday together in Old Barr (NSW midcoast). I love that week away with them and was really sad to be missing it this year. I managed to FaceTime them while they were all together. *I said a quick hello to everyone except Heidi who was sleeping (my 4 year old niece). It was so lovely seeing them and it made me a little homesick. Paul treated me to a gelato to make me feel better!

And finally the summer music festival of course. We were so lucky to hear Roger Waters and the Gorillaz (mentioned above). For free in such a spectacular setting. We will definitely look at going over to Lucca in future over this time. I can just picture renting a villa out in the wine region and coming into Lucca for the festival. What a way to continue to enjoy our Tuscan experience. I am not too sad to leave as I have a feeling we will be back someday.


* Finding Wilson

You may have the universe if I may have Italy.’

Giuseppe Verdi